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This portion of SuperKnova is dedicated to the exploration of the electromagnetic spectrum, particularly the fascinating world of radio frequencies. These unique waves have a wide array of uses, from enabling radio astronomy and wireless communication to powering navigation systems, TV and radio broadcasts, remote sensing, and smart devices. Every year, we find more ways to utilize radio frequencies, even though the spectrum itself remains unchanged. This project aims to raise awareness about the vital role radio frequencies play in our daily lives and the importance of managing this resource wisely. We hope to inspire people to recognize the spectrum's value and advocate for its careful stewardship. Additionally, we provide educational materials to help students grasp the concepts of radio frequencies and ignite their passion for pursuing careers in this exciting field. 


Figure 1: Radio wave devices. Image created with Microsoft CoPilot.

Project Components

High school 

Citizen Science

This initiative is funded by two National Science Foundation projects, The National Radio Dynamic Zone (NRDZ) and SpectrumX. Dive into the groundbreaking research from the NRAO NRDZ project here, and explore SpectrumX's work here.