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Electro Magnetic Spectrum

ODI is involved in two Electromagnetic spectrum projects at NRAO, The National Radio Dynamic Zone (NRDZ) and SpectrumX.

One of the goals of these projects is to increase public awareness of this limited resource. The EM spectrum is used for a multitude of activities including: 

  • Wireless Communication
  • Weather Forecasting, and
  • Radio Astronomy

The increasing pressure on this resource means that people need to support efforts of spectrum experts to manage this resource in an equitable manner.

The second goal of these projects is to make people aware of the career paths associated with the EM spectrum. As the use of the EM spectrum grows so do the job opportunities. The curriculum developed for these projects endeavors to introduce students to potential careers within the EM spectrum.

Project Components
  • High School Curriculum – Nine inquiry-based lessons appropriate for ninth or ten grade classrooms have been developed. Available October/November 2022.
  • Undergraduate Curriculum – A total of nine undergraduate courses on aspects of the EM spectrum will be available for partner institutions to use. The first course, Introduction to Spectrum Science and Management, will be piloted January 2023.
  • Citizen Science Project – Individuals can use an RTL-SDR dongle to investigate the radio waves around them. This project contains a technical guide and an activity guide that will help you as you participate in the activities. Available Fall 2022.