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This would be a block of text. While the length isn't too important it should be more than just a sentence or two and should stand apart from the paragraph below. Like the paragraph below the text in this section should be the default size. Place a blank row between this section and the next.

This should be a block of text. The length of the text is not important. However, the size of the text is important. Please try to stay with the default text size as much as possible. Another matter for your attention is that the picture you place in the left column is smaller than the block of text. The column to the left contains a Rich text block at the top. The block is left blank and only serves as a spacer so that the picture or video can be centered on the text block. You can add as many lines to that block as necessary by simply hitting the enter key. To add the image just click on the + button below the real text block.  Select the size of your image so that it appears slightly smaller than your block of text. Make sure the picture is centered in the column. You must include a caption below all pictures, graphs or videos. To do this simple click the + under your picture and add a block of Real Text. Each item should be numbered and have a short descriptive title.  The word Figure and the number of the item should be in bold while the description is in regular text. 


                                            Figure X: This is a picture.

The pattern continues down the page. A single paragraph that spans the page then two columns with text on the right and a picture on the left. It would be permissible to replace the picture with a video or a bulleted list if appropriate.