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The Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) ensures that the NRAO’s ideals of equitable access for all are put into practice. ODI provides support so that underrepresented students, professionals, and staff in astronomy can have equitable access to educational and professional experiences.  ODI’s equity work reaches grade school students, college and graduate students, career professionals, and institutions through their Broader Impact programs, and through NRAO workplace training and policies.

NRAO Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At NRAO, we believe that a diverse staff is critical for our mission to enable world-class science with cutting-edge radio facilities for the scientific community, train the next generation of scientists and engineers, and to foster a scientifically literate society.   We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that appreciates all individuals across all identities, including race, gender, gender identity/expression, age, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, or national origin and culture.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to all NRAO interactions with the broader community.

NRAO’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion has its own dedicated staff, and partners with numerous other departments and agencies to create more opportunities for current and future astronomers, scientists, and staff. ODI is always looking for more like-minded partners and collaborators. Please contact the ODI office ( you are interested in partnering with ODI.

ODI works with a wide population of staff and institutions as they coordinate Broader Impact programs and provide support for the NRAO Employee Diversity Group.