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The following bolded paragraph is useful to aid you in succinctly describing this course; but, don't copy it verbatim in your applications. On internship applications, you should stress the enthusiasm you had for STEM that led you to apply to this program, why you were interested in our program (topics covered/program overview), and what you gained or hope to accomplish by completing the course (this connects topics to your research interest).

"Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is a competitive out-of-school 20-week scholars program with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). Accepted scholars gain technical knowledge of the EMS and experience with hands-on applications through Amateur (Ham) Radio to prepare them for Amateur Radio Technician and General class licensure. Scholars gain foundational knowledge in topics such as wave characteristics, wave propagation, frequency bands, electronics, regulations, amateur radio operating components and more, while also being exposed to academic and professional careers related to the EMS."

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As well, amateur radio operators are involved in citizen science activities--including weather monitoring with balloons, ionispheric and radio wave propagation analysi, 

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