Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Scholar's

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for the class?

  • Let the instructor know before the class if you need to be absent and make arrangements to make up the class time
  • Miss no more than 4 classes without a reasonable excuse and without making up the work
  • Show up on time. We’re keeping zoom/class time to a minimum. If you miss 10 minutes at the beginning, you have missed important information.
  • Complete assignments and mark them complete

What is demonstrated progress?

Examples of demonstrated progress include:

  • Meeting deadlines 
  • Completion of assignments
  • Receiving passing grades on tests and exams
  • Class participation

What are the expectations for assignments?

  • All assignments are due by next week’s class: 
    • All activities in the Learning Activities and Assessment Activities sections in the SuperKnova lesson are required and must be completed before the next class
    • All activities in the Resource section are optional
  • Discussion during the next class is the evaluation
  • Your participation is valued

What is an excused absence? 

24-hour notice ahead of class via email or Discord.

Ham radio project code of conduct?

 See our class code of conduct. ‎